Thanks to Boswell Book Company for hosting my Official Book Launch!

My official Book Launch took place at Boswell Book Company on April 12 in Milwaukee, WI!

For anyone who is still awaiting publication of their first novel and the subsequent rewards, and dealing with all the frustration that goes along with it, let me assure you that it’s all worth it!


At my book launch, I found myself standing behind a podium holding my book and looking into a sea of faces from many areas of my life: family, friends, fellow authors, fresh fans young and old, critique partners, pre-published authors, and the curious who perhaps showed up to see what all the fuss was about.

And who wouldn’t want their book to appear at Boswell’s in the window of the shop alongside one of their children’s book authors, Kwame Alexander? I was certainly thrilled about it and made sure he knew it through several Twitter posts. We exchanged a few pleasantries before I backed off lest Kwame think I was a stalker wanna-be best-selling author. Only half of that sentence is true!

Congratulations to Boswell’s owner for reaching the store’s ninth anniversary. Daniel Goldin’s vision for excellence in independent bookstores has garnered him national acclaim.


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